DOWASCO ground breaking in Grand Fond

DOWASCO.jpgResidents of grand Fond can now have their minds at peace, after the Ground Breaking Ceremony was held for their $2.3 million water supply system.


They had been exercising their patience for the past 2 years with regards to not having proper water supply.


According to the Representative of the village Ms. Shirley George, the community has been asking for a proper water security for many years.


Ms. George says the children have had so many difficulties due to this water issue that their principals had to ask them to go home most times.


She says the dream of having a proper water supply system has now become a reality.


Minister of Gender Affairs Ms. Gloria Shillingford added th`at this day is truly significant for the people of Grand Fond because they can now look forward with anticipation for a new water system.


Acting Prime Minister, Mr. Reginald Austrie passed on an important message from the Prime Minister Mr. Skerrit to the Grand Fond Residents.


He stated that Mr. Skerrit does no want not a minute delayed on this project seeing that they have already waited all these years.


Mr. Austrie made it clear that the Government is dedicated to developing the water supply for the people of Grand Fond.


“Good things come to those who wait “were the words of Parliamentary Representative of the village Mr. Ivor Stevenson.


Mr. Stevenson says over the years residents have brought in several complaints and still managed to be patient, although they did not have sufficient water for domestic use.


He believes “water is life” and hopes that the new water system will have a positive impact for the villagers.

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