DOWASCO Improves Its Water System


DOWASCO has completed the replacement of 1000ft of pipeline between the Springfield Intake and the Antrim Treatment Plant, on its WA-1 – Springfield Water System. According to DOWASCO’s Customer Service and Human Resource Manager Mrs. Gwennie Dickson, the laying of the new pipe lines was completed on Thursday, November 11th, 2010. She said that this project cost approximately four hundred thousand dollars (ec$400,000.00), with much of the financing coming from the Government of Dominica. Since last year, water service within the WA-1 system has been frequently affected due to breakages occurring along the supply line from Springfield to Antrim. These breakages have been caused by land slippage in the area which was intensified by activities associated with the Pond Casse to Canefield Road Project. Mrs. Dickson said that DOWASCO continues to make innovative strides to ensure that Dominica’s water system is up to international standards.


Mrs. Dickson further advised customers of Kingshill, Canefield East, Saint Aroment as well as other communities situated at high elevations, that DOWASCO is making further efforts to ensure that there will be minimum water interruptions. Looking to the near future, DOWASCO plans to make further improvements.

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