Dowasco Water Resource Management Workshop


General Manager of DOWASCO, Mr. Bernard Ettinoffe

The Ministry of Lands, Housing, Settlements and Water Resource Management in Collaboration with the Dominica Water and Sewerage Company Limited (DOWASCO), and the International Co-operation Agency of the Republic of Colombia has initiated a technical Co-operation programme on Water Resource Management.

This workshop HELD at the Public Service Training Centre commenced on Wednesday March 20th and will end on Thursday March 21st 2013.

General Manager of DOWASCO, Mr. Bernard Ettinoffe says, this is all in an effort to address water losses in Dominica’s water system.

Mr. Ettinoffe noted, on the conclusion of this workshop, a team from Dominica will visit Colombia at the invitation of the Colombian Government.

This trip will provide the Dominica delegation with a first-hand view of the Colombian’s practices in water resource management.

Although he could not give details on the extent of water loss in Dominica, however Mr. Ettinoffe did reveal that the international average is about 30% of all water from various sources.

He said, in the region, there are countries that experience as much as 60% water loss which is significant.

He estimates Dominica to be within the region of the 30% average, which they are working on reducing to a maximum of 10 to 15%.

Mr. Ettinoffe added there is no way to prevent all water loses, however work needs to be completed to minimize it as much as possible.

Contractor, Mr. Camilo Nino Martinez who is part of the Colombian delegation on Island for the Workshop says, the Workshop will also focus on hydro resources management.

Mr. Martinez noted it is our duty as human beings to capitalize on the resources of Mother Nature; however this has to be done in a responsible way to ensure sustainability, which is exactly what they have done for decades in Colombia.

He added, seeing Dominica is similar to Colombia in terms of many water resources, hydroelectricity plants are one of the best and most effective ways of using this energy to the benefit of mankind.

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