Dozens Dead After Turkey Migrant Boat Sinks

A refugee boat carrying over 100 refugees sank off the coast of Izmir

A boat carrying migrants capsized off the coast of western Turkey, with the loss of more than 50 lives, while another 45 of those on board were rescued from the sea.

Those who died, including women and children, had been below deck, as the fishing boat was said to have been carrying mainly Iraqi and Syrian nationals heading for Europe.

The Greek islands in the Aegean Sea are a common destination for migrants who pay smugglers to take them from Turkey.

The fishing boat went down after hitting rocks at around 5:30 local time close to the shore near the village of Ahmetbeyli in the province of Izmir.

Many of the migrants were able to swim to the shore which was 50m (160ft) away from where the boat went down.


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