DPSU Closer to Coming to an Agreement with Government

DPSUGeneral Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) Mr. Thomas Letang says, a non-salary negotiation which was previously pushed aside by the Government has been granted.

Mr. Letang stated that the DPSU won the agreement they negotiated for a medical fund for their members.

With that he said the Government will now make a contribution of $350,000.00 to the Union and will be reviewed every triennium.

With these increase it now means that, the DPSU is now looking at a 6 percent salary increase for the three year period.

Mr. Letang stated the Government finally approving the medical fund for public servants means that, they are more confident in reaching a mutual agreement in salary negotiations.

He stated however what the public needs to know is that, negotiations especially during this global financial crisis cannot just be based on salary increases, as there are other benefits the DPSU need to look out for its members.

Mr. Letang pointed out that the Government also assisted in the establishment of the DPSU’s Preschool.

He said the school has grown significantly as they only made provisions for 25 students; however this has grown to over 60 students over the years.

This shows an upward progression he said.

The DPSU General Secretary added they have been able to get the Government to insurance premium of fire officers among other negotiations.

In further negotiations Mr. Letang highlighted in the next triennium they will be negotiating for pensions.


General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) , Mr. Thomas Letang

Mr. Letang stated the DPSU is being very innovative and creative during all negotiations as it relates to what they are asking for on behalf of the public servants.

He said gratuity was one of the DPSU’s major achievements which were discontinued from 1976, however they were able to have it re-instated about 15 years ago.

The area of non-established employees not being paid for the first three days that, they are ill and cannot report to work is an issue they will be looking into.

He said although some members were of the view to forget about the medical fund and stick to salary increases, everyone cannot get what they want especially during negotiations, so that’s where leadership skills kick in to advise the membership on the best proposals.



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