DPSU Labour Day Celebrations

Although the turnout for the Dominica Public Service Union’s (DPSU) Labour Day celebrations on Monday May 7th was below expectations, the event went on as planned.


The event kicked off with a march from the Newtown Savannah, to the Union’s headquarters on Valley Road and later ended with a beach bash.


General Secretary Mr. Thomas Letang says that he was not disappointed by the attendance, as it signaled the existence of a core group with an interest in making things work.


Mr. Letang pointed out that we see political parties taking advantage of the day, and they are not encouraging people to come and to celebrate with their unions.


He also said that the churches are also taking advantage of the day, and they are not encouraging the people to come and to celebrate as colleagues, and the entertainment groups are doing the same.


The General Secretary stated that this is something that the union fought very hard for, and can take credit since they were the ones who negotiated for the first Monday, to be observed as Labour Day and not the first day of the month.


Meanwhile, the newly re-elected President of the DPSU, Mr. Steve Joseph referred to Monday’s poor turnout as “true champions and trailblazers” who joined in an international effort to continue support for Labour Day.


He asserted that the union will continue to build capacity, and rethink avenues to best serve its members but needs the support of members to be as effective as it should be.


DPSU Recording Secretary Ms. Relda Andre, who addressed the gathering, made a passionate call to the youth to support the movement.

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