DPSU Set Facts Straight on Negotiations with Government for Public Servants

Steve Joseph

President of Dominica Public Service Union, Mr. Steve Joseph

President of Dominica Public Service Union Mr. Steve Joseph says that they are convinced without any doubt that a misinterpretation has occurred in regards to the Public Servants.

Mr. Joseph said when the Government made the request to extend the negotiations beyond June 2012, the Union made it categorically clear that they will only go that route only if Government was willing to confirm.

The other issue Mr. Joseph says that he wants to make very clear is that the Union has not agreed on a 1% for the second year.

He says they have been invited to a meeting this week, and it is not for them to confirm anything that they have not agreed to.

Mr. Joseph says it is with a hope that the negotiation process will continue and whatever they have agreed to will be a fair and reasonable increase for public officers.

General Secretary of DPSU Mr. Thomas Letang believes that there are many things that could be done to reduce costs.

Mr. Letang says that Dominica is one of the blessed Eastern Caribbean countries in terms of resources.

The Public Servants strongly believes that there needs to be significant investment in sectors that will bring in more revenue for the state.

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