Dr Ben Henry Speaks on Customer Service Course

Dr. Ben Henry

In an effort to educate the general public on customer service, Dr. Ben Henry will be conducting a course entitled “Training of Trainers Course” from October 22 -24, 2012.

Dr. Henry believes that good “Customer Service” is essential both for the employees as well as the customers. He also thinks that good customer service is what makes any country move forward.

Dr. Henry stated that constant reinforcement is critical to the public especially those within Customer Service Departments.

He stated that his main expectation is at the end of the course, they will be prepared to begin training in Customer Service. A trainer’s guide will be given to each individual.

Dr. Henry has been in this business for about 30 years as well as training people throughout the Caribbean and in the United States.

Participant, Mr. Hillarian Jules

One of the participants Mr. Hillarian Jules says so far the course has been very informative, educational and entertaining;

He says this is a good idea and this will benefit the public servants.


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