Dr. David Speaks on All Saints University Overall Objective


Registrar of All Saints University, Dr. David Abiodun

Registrar of All Saints University, Dr. David Abiodun, has informed SAT News, that the All Saints University, does not only cater for the local pubic but caters for the International Community as well.

“Our goal is to prepare our students to compete favourably with students from any part of the world”, he stated.

Dr. Abiodun noted that a student may train at Harvard, Yale or St. Georges University, but if they are not properly prepared, he or she will not be a good practitioner.

He believes the program here in Dominica is notable, rewarding and is able to compete with the other medicine programs at different universities world-wide.

“The presence of our school here in Dominica has been a blessing thus far,” Dr. Abiodun added.

Some of the students, who have graduated from the school, have been placed in different residency programs in countries including: USA, Canada and Africa.



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