Dr. Erica Joseph Urging Parents to Purchase Manuscript to Teach Children

Dr. Erica Joseph

Local tutor and proprietor of Success, Doctor Erica Joseph is urging parents to take advantage of her recently published handwriting manuscript, which she believes will assist students to develop their reading and writing skills.

Doctor Joseph says having tutored students for a number of years in her Success Programme; she realized that it was extremely tedious to just use pen and paper which gave birth to the idea of creating the “Dr Joseph Handwriting Manuscript”.

Doctor Joseph says this manuscript is ideal for the students because when they trace it removes their mind on all of the hard work involved in writing, and in the end of the book results in them having a very nice handwriting.

She says the book which is being used by children from the age of three up to eleven are all very attached to this fun but educational book.

Doctor Joseph pointed out that the challenging time in creating the book was to get the children to have less information on one page, since most children complain when they see a lot of information on one page, and forcing children to do work simply is not advisable.

The manuscript teaches students about forming the letters of the alphabet, different types of fruits, animals, days of the week, months of the year, numbers, addition, subtraction and memory verses, which is unique.

She added that parents seeking help with their children can come to her so they can get advice and how to effectively teach their children to learn properly.

Doctor Joseph also congratulated one of her past students Mr. Sinold Casimir who she said came to all of the sessions she had with him, and he is now returning back to his homeland Haiti for a training programme.

Mr. Casimir who has been on island for the past five years says that Doctor Joseph was instrumental in him pursuing an occupation in the field of graphics design, which he was hesitant to do.

The manuscripts were printed locally at Campbell’s Business Systems and Services which Doctor Joseph says has been very supportive to her.

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