Dr. Juliana Magloire to produce a film based on her story book ‘The Sea HawK’


Film Director Mr. Alwin Bully is describing the decision to produce a film based on the story book ‘The Sea Hawk’ as ‘a plus for the local film industry’.


Having recognized the importance of films, Author of The Sea Hawk, Dr. Juliana Magloire of Portsmouth has decided to create a film entitled “Caribbean Rising Tides – The Sea Hawk”, in an attempt to reach a larger audience .


The Sea Hawk tells a story about Juliana’s father, a captain who played an integral role in the transportation of fresh produce in and out of Dominica in the 1960’s and 1970’s; a time when huckstering was a thriving trade.


Bully, who will be working on the project, says the film is expected to depict the way of life of the people in the 1960’s and 1970’s.


Bully, who is excited to be part of the project, says there is also a long term plan to create a series in order to ensure the continuity of the story.


He says while several foreign films have been produced on the island very few indigenous films are being created, and so, the production of this film will provide the much needed boost in the local film industry.


The film is expected to be produced and directed By Dr. Juliana Magloire herself.

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