Dream Team Presents: “Though it Rained”


(left to right) Ms. Desma Patrick who played “Grace” and Mr. Jed Ferrol, who played “Barak Williams”

The most talked about play “Though It Rained” by the Dream Team, attracted a large audience on Friday April 12th at the Arawak House of Culture.

The key mission of Dream Team is to reach and touch lives through drama and music.

The production incorporated contemporary issues with strong moral values which will help individuals to strive to be law abiding and conscious citizens.

Mr. Jed Ferrol, who played “Barak Williams”, demonstrated how important it is to have faith in tough situations. In the play, he lost his job and had no idea how he was going to provide for his family and maintain his home.

However, at the end, the situation became better. His friend James played by Marvin George, loaned him some money to pay his mortgage until he found another job, and when he did, it was better than the one he lost.


clip from the scene when the Williams Family finds out that their daughter “Tracey” was raped.

After Barak’s Wife “Grace” heard the news that her husband had lost his job, she had to break the devastating news to him that she has breast cancer.

Being the good wife that she is, she hesitated before telling him, because she believed the bad news was too much for him to handle. However, Barak wanted to know what was wrong with his wife.

Their Daughter “Tracey” played by Brittney, was raped, and this was what shattered the family the most.

The Williams Family was certainly tested but their faith helped them through. The message the Dream Team wants the public to understand, is that in life we get tested. However, as long as we have life, We should never give up.

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    go dreamteam! great message… blessings to you guys.

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