Dream Team Presents: “Though It Rained”


Ms. Desma Patrick and Mr. Jed Ferrol, both actors in the play

The Dream Team, a non-profit organization, continues to thrive steadily as they host their 6th play “Though It Rained” carded for Friday 12th and Saturday 14th.

The local group is well known within the community for dynamic presentations through the art forms.

Writer of the Play Mr. Peter Panthier, says this one took him a month to write.

Mr. Panthier added, that the play consists of everyday dramas, struggles and fears.

He stated it is quite easy for him to write these plays because he can relate to some of the situations.

The main message Mr. Panthier wants the play to reveal is that there is and always will be hope.

Ms. Desma Patrick and Mr. Jed Ferrol both actors in the play, are urging the public to attend.

They both believe that the play will have a positive impact on the crowd.


Writer of the Play, Mr. Peter Panthier

The play begins at 8:00pm at the Arawak House of Culture and tickets costs $20 for adults and $10 for children.

  • Alan

    Seems like a great show. We wonder if the play could be livestreamed, especially for those of us overseas.

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