Drug Bust and Robbery at Petrol Station


Example of a Drug Bust

Members of the Drug Squad, Task Force and the Special Service Unit conducted two drug eradication exercises on 22nd and 25th August 2013.

On August 22, in the heights of Syndicate, 4940 marijuana trees were destroyed. One 410 shotgun was also found and seized.

Four men have been arrested and charged with possession, possession with intent to supply, cultivation and possession of firearm.

They are Dian Scotland, Erickson Madir, Andy Ettienne and Kalan Ettienne all of Campbell. They will appear before a Roseau Magistrate on August 26, 2013.

On 25th, August 2013, the police seized 2336 grams of cured marijuana, 438 grams of marijuana seeds and 2184 marijuana trees were seized in the village Layou about 4pm. Three men are presently in custody and are expected to be charged later today.


In related stories,

About 9:30 am on August 26, 2013 a man wearing a motorcycle helmet entered the Sukie’s Petrol Station at New Town to collect his change after purchasing an item.

The attendant was robbed of money at gunpoint while at the cash register, and then made his escape on a scooter which was parked nearby.

Thereafter, the police found the scooter and a helmet not far away from the petrol station.

The matter is under investigations. Anyone with information of this crime or any other incident is asked to call the police HINT LINE at 1-800-4468 or CRIME STOPPERS at 1-800-8477.

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