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DSC Students

The Dominica State College hosted its first college fair dubbed “College Dwive” at the Stockfarm Campus on July 3rd.

The event had a 2 fold design.

Firstly it was to inform prospective students about the programs offered at the Dominica State College and possible careers available to them.

Ashma McDougall, Associate Professor of Economics and Business at the State College, says that students do not necessarily need to follow the path from high school when they get to the college level, that there are many other options and the fair would help them realize this.

The day was also filled with activities geared towards interaction with other students and staff.

Ms. McDougall says this is an opportunity to train individuals holistically to be functioning members of society.

Clem Francis, incoming student at the State College, says that for him the fair was mainly an opportunity to make friends and meet present students and staff of the Dominica State College.

He says that his mind was already made up on what he wants to major in but thinks that this venue would be the right place to get to make a more informed decision for someone who is not sure of their career choice.

The events of the day culminated with the finals of a scholastic bowl, a jeopardy like quiz show in which the first prize was a trip to St. Lucia compliments L’Express Des Isles.

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