DSC DCE graduation

10 professionals from the public and private sector were recognized as after completing the second stage of the international taxation in the caribbean context course.


Noelize knight dider, bernadette lambert, vincent charles, marcella powell, dexter ducreay, eddison henry, marileen hypolite, kasinda thomas, connie joseph and irving thomas williams were the successful students.


Kasinda thomas, a graduating student of the program speaking on behalf of the class says that they are grateful to have had the opportunity to do this course.


The course is delivered jointly by the dsc and the texas tech university school of law (ttulaw) and professor Vaughn E. James, the lecturer of the course gave his students a few last words of advice at the ceremony.


Miss nuraiyah sebastian, a state attorney in the chamber of the attorney general says that these students are models for others who are skeptical about pursuing higher education part time.


However she says that they should not stop there but continue to strive for further self development.


The students were awarded a certificate of merit bearing the seals of dsc and ttulaw and 2 continuing legal education credits awarded by the state bar of texas.

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