DSC Introduces Regional Safer Building Course


DSC Introduces Regional Safer Building Course

The Dominica State College (DSC) will train 25 foremen and contractors from the CARICOM Region in Safer Building practices, at its Bath Estate Campus, from 15th to 19th April, 2013.

Twelve of the participants will be from various countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and 13 from Dominica.

Dean of the Faculty of Education of DSC, Merrill J. Matthew stated, the Safer Buildings course is designed to train builders and contractors in the techniques for constructing safer residential buildings.

It also covers critical aspects of residential buildings including: roofs, walls, floors, foundations, pre-construction planning and post construction maintenance.

Mr. Matthew says if the negative impact of natural disasters is reduced than the cost of reconstruction or rehabilitation is decreased.

He said this course is aimed at equipping contractors and foremen with a higher level of safety skills which they will use in their everyday construction methods.

Mr. Matthew noted, this course will create in the Region a culture of safety in the construction industry.

The Dean of the Faculty of Education said, so far the DSC has conducted three Safer Building courses in collaboration with the Caribbean Disaster & Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA).

It is hoped that the participants will all leave the course with a high sense of safety which will be passed on to others.


Dean of the Faculty of Education of DSC, Merrill J. Matthew

Acting National Disaster Co-ordinator, Mr. Don Corriette, sees the course as an excellent opportunity for the DSC to expand its reach beyond Dominica and establish itself as a leader for such training in the OECS.

The lead facilitators for the course, Mr. Severin McKenzie and Mr. Aki Boland, both from Dominica, are well qualified and have wide experience both in the construction of safer buildings and in the delivery of training locally and regionally.

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