DSC journalism club forum

President of the Dominica State Collge, Dr. Donald Peters, says that Dominica is a country of free expression but valuable discussions are rare.


He also supports the efforts of the dsc journalism club for providing more avenues for valuable discussion.


The Dominica State College in collaboration with the university of the West Indies open campus held its fourth annual forum on the topic ‘what has contributed more to society Arts or Science’ on February 2nd.


The various speakers shared different perspective on the issue and highlighted the fact that art in Dominica is a field that needs to be developed as it is not very prevalent in the country.


Some speakers spoke of the necessity of both fields as they are intertwined in almost every field.


Dr. Francis Severin, Head of the Open Campus Dominica says that the even was a necessary one as it offers students and the public a chance to think deeply and critically on a given subject that affects their eveeryday lives.


After their presentations, members of the audience engaged the speakers in a discussion on the topic.

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