DSC Student Wins Millenia LDC and DSC Design Challenge

DSC Student who won the Millenia LDC and DSC Design Challenge, Mr. Ashley Blanc

DSC Student who won the Millenia LDC and DSC Design Challenge, Mr. Ashley Blanc

One of six 1st year architecture students at the Dominica State College (DSC), who was presented with a project to design an artist studio, or residence on a 50 foot by 40 foot piece of land, has emerged victorious.

The design had to include a gallery to display artist work, a workshop comprising of storage, a 2 bedroom residence, restroom, laundry space and mechanical room among others.

The competition – the Millenia Land Development Company (LDC) and Dominica State College (DSC) Design Challenge, was won by Mr. Ashley Blanc and emphasized the creativity of Architecture.

He will be awarded with a summer internship at Millenia Land Development Company Ltd, located at 24 Church Lane, Pottersville, and college tuition for one semester.

This will give him an opportunity to broaden his knowledge and gain practical experience in this field.  Mr. Blanc has just completed his first year of study at the Dominica State College.

The Millenia LDC says, they understand the challenge in gaining employment as an inexperienced young person in this field, and they are honored to partner with the Dominica State College, to provide one student with the experience in his career field of interest.

This will possibly increase his chances of being employed at the end of his study period.

The Millenia LDC and DSC thanks all the students who participated in this design challenge.

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