DSC students debate the laws currently in place for alcohol abuse among the youth in Dominica

Dominica State College colleagues, David Hodge and Kelda David convinced four judges on Friday, that ‘the laws and institutions to prevent the abuse of alcohol among Dominican youth are adequate’ to emerge as the winners of the second public debate, held by the Literary and Debating Society of the Dominica State College.


At the end of the debate, the opposing team, represented by Keyhan Mendes and Johansen Massicott, amassed a total of 277 points, 39 points short of their opponents.


This year’s debate was organized in conjunction with the National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit in observance of drug awareness month.


Advisor of the Literary and Debating Society, Joel Challenger says the DSC is elated that the objectives of the debate were met.


Kelda David was awarded as the best speaker on the proposing side while Keyhan Mendes was awarded as the best speaker on the opposing side.


The four judges were Attorney at Law Kondwani Williams, Chief Prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes, Convent High School English Teacher Daria Sorhaindo and officer at the Drug Abuse Prevention Unit, Edmund George.

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