Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Easter Egg Extreme Hunt


Coordinator of the Roseau Youth Centre Chapter Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme, Ms. Kerry-Ann Remie

In an effort to create an ‘out of the box’ activity for young persons during the Easter holiday, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has organized an Easter Egg Extreme Hunt, scheduled for Saturday March 30th 2013.

The challenging hunt, scheduled to begin from 10:00 am at the Roseau Youth Centre, is aimed at enhancing young people’s knowledge of the historical and natural sites located around Roseau and environs.

Coordinator of the Roseau Youth Centre Chapter Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme, Ms. Kerry-Ann Remie says, this activity will also enable the young people aged 13-25 to develop a positive attitude towards clean and youth oriented entertainment.

Ms. Remie stated, one of the exciting parts of this Easter Egg Extreme Hunt is that, the participants are not allowed to use any personal vehicles, however, they are allowed to hitch hike and use public transportation, to arrive at the destinations the clues are located.

With that Ms. Remie noted the young people will be able to socialize in a different way thus bringing them closer to each other.

Young people from the Orion Academy, The Convent High School, The Girl Guides, The Roseau Youth Centre Programme, The AGanar Programme, The Dominica Grammar School and the St. Mary’s Academy among others will participate in the event.

Ten teams of four will be dispatched to begin the Easter Egg Hunt.

Motorists are advised to exercise extreme caution when driving to avoid any accidents, and as a precaution, the participants will be dressed in brightly coloured green t-shirts with the Easter Egg Hunt logo, so they can be easily identified.

At the end of the event there will be prizes including trophies for the various teams.

footage (12)Ms. Remie added that more young people should get involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme.

She added that in August of 2013, they will send four young people to Barbados to participate in a number of activities such as survival training, and expeditions among others when all the Duke of Edinburghs members will meet.

Ms. Remie went on to say, the long term goal of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is to gain membership from the various schools Island-wide.

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