Dukesville Project Ceremony


Minister for Lands and Housing, Honourable Reginald Austrie

A special dedication ceremony was held on Wednesday March 13th, as work has commenced for the construction of the 47 home Dukesville Project, which will be built in Syndicate located in the north of Dominica.

Mr. Randolph H. Victor, Chairman of Dukesville Limited says he profoundly believes that God created the world for each and every one of us to make a better place, and for each one of us to have a comfortable dwelling habitat.

Mr. Victor who is from the village of Dublanc, but lived in the United Kingdom for a number of years stated, his vision and dream of transforming this area into a community gateway is about to become a reality.

Parliamentary Representative of the Colihaut Constituency, Mr. Ronald Toulon stated that this Dukesville Project is of great importance in many respects, especially as shelter is one of the basic needs in life.

He said this project aids in the Government’s efforts to make land and shelter available in many innovative ways including the Housing Revolution Programme.

Minister for Lands and Housing, Honourable Reginald Austrie commended the Directors of Dukesville Limited for this very important development, which he says is a strong response to the Government’s housing programme.

Mr. Austrie noted this project demonstrates confidence in the investment climate in Dominica, in despite the economic challenges we currently face along with the international community.

Mr. Austrie revealed that the Government recently allocated 10 houses using funds from China, where they will be constructing 40 houses, out of which 20 have been completed thus far which will be handed over to residents of the Kalinago Territory.


Mr. Randolph H. Victor, Chairman of Dukesville Limited

Managing Director of Dukesville Limited Mr. Olu Obonyo says, this high end housing development will set the bench mark for future developments in Dominica.

Dukesville tag line, he said, is “The People’s Company,” as the company came from the people, financed and led by a group of ordinary Dominicans, who pooled their meager savings to make this dream into a reality.

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