Dukesville Project to offer High Standard of Living for Dominicans

Dukesville Plant Section 15 Oct 10

Dukesville Plant Section, 15 Oct 10

In an effort to offer Dominicans a high standard of living at affordable prices, a number of Dominicans living abroad have pooled their resources together to create the Dukesville Project.

Managing Director of Dukesville Limited, Mr. Olu Obonyo, stated the first phase of the housing development complex, is currently under construction in Dublanc will consist of 47 houses.

It is indeed different from what has been endeavored in previous home developments. Apart from the high standard of construction; it will feature well-structured roads, sidewalks, pavements and all other necessary amenities.

The development has been in the making for some time now stated Mr. Obonyo. However, physical construction began two years ago following its launch in November 2010.

The project is backed by 30 shareholders, some residing in the United Kingdom and Dominica.

Mr. Obonyo says interested persons can visit their website at www.dukesvilleda.com. They can fill in a form for submission, and will be contacted with more information on the procedures to purchase land.

He pointed out, that the land varies in price from $10 to $14 a square foot.

As there will be no physical gate to enter the community, a number of security cameras will be installed to deter criminals.

Managing Director of Dukesville Limited, Mr. Olu Obonyo

Managing Director of Dukesville Limited, Mr. Olu Obonyo

Mr. Obonyo says the long term goal of this project is to construct 47 homes in five years, which will see the completion of phase one.

Following phase one completion, they will move to phase two which involves the construction of holiday homes and phase three of the project dubbed the Ducan’s project which is the construction of a wellness complex.

The complex will be a multi-purpose building, where there will be training for young people from the villages of Dublanc and Bioche.

There will also be the construction of sheltered homes for senior or retired persons.

Although the project is in the early stages of construction, the interest from the public in acquiring land in the community is encouraging added Mr. Obongo.

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