Earl ‘Seko’ Grant Happy to be Released on Bail

Earl Seko Grant (In Grey Hoody)

Earl Seko Grant After Bail Was Granted (In Grey Hoody)

39 year old Earl Seko Grant of St. Joseph says, he is happy to be free, after being granted bail in the sum of $20,000.00 on Friday May 31st 2013.

Mr. Grant is one of two men implicated in the December 25th 2010 fire-bombing of the home of former Magistrate Glenworth Emmanuel.

He was denied bail on Thursday May 30th by Roseau Magistrate Evelina Baptiste, after being charged with conspiring with Mr. Denny Shillingford to unlawfully and maliciously set fire to the home of Glenworth Emmanuel, with Glenworth and Gretta Emanuel therein.

However, High Court Judge Birnie Stevenson Brooks, on Friday May 31st, ordered the Magistrate’s Court to allow Mr. Grant bail.

Mr. Grant stated, this incident was a crazy experience – something he never experienced before.

“I will live with it, I go through it like a man and it did not break me nor dented my confidence, it just added fuel to my fire, “Mr. Grant added.

Mr. Grant thanked God, and all those who have been showing support to him throughout the ordeal, as he said if it was not for them things would not have turned out the way it did.

Mr. Grant noted, now he will await his date in Court and take things one day at a time, as he knows he will emerge victorious when it is all over.

He claims he is innocent, hence his return back to Dominica.

Earl Seko Grant (In The Middle) Before Being Granted Bail

Earl Seko Grant (In The Middle) Before Being Granted Bail

“I could have stayed in the United States and sit there and no one could touch me,” he said.



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