‘Eat fish Friday’ guarantees to be a successful event


The fisheries complex in collaboration with the Newtown Fisheries Committee held their 5th ‘Eat Fish Friday’ on September 3rd 2010 at the Fisheries Complex in Roseau. This event is celebrated every last Friday of the month to provide the public with enjoyment as the weekend progresses. Chief Fisheries Officer at the Fisheries Division, Mr Andrew Magloire gave further details about last Friday’s event.


“The ‘Eat Fish Friday’ is geared at showcasing the activities of fishermen, their potential and the integration between the consumers and fishermen. We believe that the more we can get the fishermen to interact with the consumers then the brighter the development of the fishing industry becomes,” said Mr. Magloire.


He said that fish can contribute tremendously towards Dominica’s economy as it will decrease the amount of fish products that are currently being imported.


Mr. Magloire said, “If the Dominican public is taught new ways of preparing fish then he believe that this will lead to a greater degree of consumption on the island therefore providing a better local economy in terms of the fishing communities.”


Magloire mentioned that as part of the event the public was also given the opportunity to taste and educate themselves on preparation techniques for different fish dishes.


“I also want to thank the Japanese International Cooperation Agency for sharing their skills with the public. We are also trying to introduce Dominicans to sushi because it is healthy. Come down to the fisheries complex every last Friday of the month and be introduced to the various ways of producing good quality fish,” said the Chief Fisheries Officer.


He said that the Fisheries Complex is working tirelessly to ensure the continuity of this event and has high hopes that it will become a well known event throughout the country.

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