Edison James to Step Down as Political Leader


Leader of the United Workers Party, Honourable Edison James

Leader of the United Workers Party, Honourable Edison James, has made it clear, that he will be stepping down as political leader and will not be seeking re-election in the next General Elections, carded for March 2013.

“One can’t go on forever,” he said.

In an interview with SAT news, Mr. James said he had informed his party three weeks ago about his resignation, and subsequent to that, the party had decided to nominate journalist, Lenox Linton to lead the United Workers Party.

Mr. James will continue to support and assist the UWP, as well as the people of his constituency in Marigot.

“I will ensure that the United Workers Party, under its new leadership, does everything in its power to gain the confidence of the people and to get the country on the right path” stated Mr. James.

The  UWP leader believes that the Marigot Constituency has been neglected by the Government.  According to Mr. James, he has asked the Government on numerous occasions for assistance with the roads in Marigot and up to this date, not a thing has been done.


Leader of the Opposition, Honourable Hector John

Leader of the Opposition, Honourable Hector John, also believes that his constituency, Salisbury, has been neglected for the same reasons.

Mr. John says that Coulibistrie does not have a hurricane shelter due to the deplorable state of the Coulibistrie Primary School.

“I wrote to the Prime Minister and was told that everything was passed on to the Ministry of Education”, he said.

Mr. John says he knows that Mr. James will always be there for the United Workers Party and wished him all the best.

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