Edmund Severin is the DNL first ever top price Daily 3 winner


Edmund Severin is the first ever top price daily 3 winner, after he was presented with a checque of $27,500.00 at the Dominica National Lotteries office on Tuesday August 10th, 2010. Sales and Marketing Manager at the Dominica National Lotteries, Ken George said that Severin had initially won $28,000.00 but has already cashed in $500.00.


He said ‘the Daily 3 is a game that we will be introducing as a midday draw, come August 16th, 2010. By doing so, our customers will receive an opportunity to play the game at midday and still partake in the evening draw if they so desire.’


According to George, during the past months they have paid over $200,000.00 in price money to Daily 3 winners, islandwide.


In the interim, an elated Edmund Severin who has been playing the games for the past five years encouraged Dominicans to do the same.


When asked how he plans on spending the money, he said ‘my plans are all in my head now and I do not wish to disclose them.’

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