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No student wants to know that he/she was not given the opportunity to attend secondary school.

The Universal Secondary Education (USE) program has given Dominican students who would not have been able to attend a secondary education, the opportunity to do so.

In his address at the opening ceremony of the teachers’ summer workshop last week Monday July 8th, Hon. Petter St. Jean, Minister for Education emphasized the goal of the Universal Secondary Education (USE) program, which is to provide a secondary education for all.

Prior to 2005, only a small percentage of students had the opportunity to attend secondary school, but today there is one hundred percent access to all students.

Mr. St. Jean said that delivering the dynamic nature of education should play a pivotal role in any economy, however small economies like Dominica must find new and innovative revolutionary approaches to teaching and learning.

The minster stated that the government will continue in its efforts to assist the parents and students in ensuring that the students attend school.

One of these strategies is the provision of buses to transport the students to and from school.

The government does not only focus on the academic development of the students, but also the overall development of their skills.

In this drive a new program will soon be launched at the secondary schools which will target average students and will aid in developing their skills.

Story written by Gail Sharplis

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