Education Minister Calls on Young Men to Display Real Masculine Behavior

vlcsnap-2013-06-21-12h18m42s80Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Honourable Petter St. Jean, certainly sent a strong message to the fathers of the young graduates of the Pierre Charles Secondary School, on Thursday June 20th.

He advised the fathers, in light of what is going on in today’s world, they now, more than ever need to take up their role as men very seriously, to nurture young men with a spirit of manliness and manhood.

Mr. St. Jean, in his speech, also advised the young ladies not to be sold for material gain and to uphold their morale.

In speaking on the topic of continued education, Mr. St. Jean stressed the point that, the Government will seek to ensure that every young person, will have the opportunity to attend the Dominica State College.

“We are currently spending millions of dollars at the new Dominica State College to ensure that you all are equipped and well educated to effect change within our country.”

Mr. St. Jean also called on the parents of the students to continue to play their role in ensuring the future development of the youth.

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