Education Minister Refutes Allegations that Grade Six Students Need not Work Hard

Minister of Education Honourable Peter St. Jean

Minister of Education Honourable Peter St. Jean

Honourable Peter St. Jean defended the Universal Secondary program, while addressing the people from the Castle Bruce community on Sunday 15th July.

The Education Minister has refuted allegations that the Students of grade six do not have to work hard to move on to secondary school, as each child is now offered the opportunity to attain a High School Education.

Honourable St. Jean said in the past, very few students were able to move on to secondary schools, not because of poor academic performances, but because of other situations that hindered them from doing so.

The Minister for Education said that the Government of Dominica has improved in that aspect.

According to Mr. St. Jean the Government has gone as far as providing uniforms, shoes and school bags for the less fortunate students whose families cannot afford.

Eight scholarships will be provided for students this year based on merit and need.


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