Education Trust Fund Donation

Malcom Steven & Sons made a generous donation to the Education Trust Fund of $5000 on Monday, June 18th. According to one of the company representative Ms. Stacy Raphael, every child deserves the opportunity to have an education.

Chairperson of the Children Trust Fund Mr. Willie Fevrier says the Trust Fund has received help from many private sectors in the past and he is very pleased that Malcom Steven & Sons has come on board.

Mr. Fevrier also mentioned that in the last Radio-thorn held, $15.000 was raised and he is grateful for that.

He says the Government gives a standard sum of money to the Education Trust Fund yearly which is sustainable however, most goals are not met.

Minister of Education Mr. Peter St. Jean says we have a number of students limited of resources which can be frustrating for the teachers, parents and the students.

Mr. St. Jean believes when organizations such as Malcom Steven & Sons comes on board, it helps the Ministry of Education to achieve their goals.

He says this helps to ensure that Dominican children are taken care of when parents fall short.

In addition, he says Dominicans can use this as a catalyst to support Malcom Stevens & Sons.

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