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Dr. Wycliffe Ontieno, Chief of Education at UNICEF office for the Eastern Caribbean Are

Today the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development in collaboration with UNICEF, conducted a bottleneck analysis in the conference room of the Windsor Park Stadium; this was to assess and evaluate the capacity of the education system including ECE in Dominica

Dr. Wycliffe Ontieno, Chief of Education at UNICEF office for the Eastern Caribbean Area, based in Barbados, gave a clear insight as to what exactly the objective of the Bottle neck analysis is in Dominica.

Dr. Ontieno stated once it is understood where the bottlenecks in the system are, then strategies can be designed to address them, hence we will better able to respond to the priorities and the needs of the countries. He had this to say.

He went on to emphasize that the real goal of the analysis is equity, ensuring that no segment no sector of society is left out.

Dr. Ontieno stated that specific areas that the education system needs to improve upon has already been identified however he pointed out that in Dominica and other societies there are minority groups who may not be equally ranged.

When asked how he would rate the education system in Dominica Dr. Ontieno said we have made significant progress in Primary and Secondary.

The education system has been criticized for the fact that it does not prepare students for the corporate world.

participants of the bottleneck analysis

Participants of the bottleneck analysis

When asked about this this is what Dr. Ontieno had to say.

The bottleneck analysis he said is to be implemented by teachers every day. The challenge however he said is to have a system of constant monitoring.

The analysis targets the three sub sectors Early Childhood Education, Primary Schools and the High Schools.

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