Educator Dr Severin advise graduates on their next step forward


While many students graduating from secondary school and college are contemplating their next step in their personal lives, educator Dr Francis Severin believes that this decision-making process should be done with much vigilance.


Dr Severin believes that it is always best for graduates who can afford, to direct their energies to further education, while the others could join the labour force with priority being placed on continued education.


According to him, such a decision can have a lasting impact on the lives of graduates in the not-too-distant future.


“I would like to advise students to consider further education. I think depending on the economic circumstances at time at the home, there might be a need to delay further education; that is post secondary education. For instance, if there is one person in the home working with the siblings going to school, then it might be useful to get a job and work for a couple of years but with the aim of saving for higher education,” advised Severin.


Dr Severin also noted that when choosing a career, there are certain principles that should be established and monitored carefully during the process.


He encouraged graduates to be prudent when deciding on a career choice, and to ensure that the career chosen is one that the individual is comfortable with.


“I think it is important to settle on something that you like. That is the critical thing. A lot of times people are shopping around, so to speak, for careers. You have to ponder a bit and that is why it is important even at secondary school that you don’t find yourself at the threshold of decision making, rushing to make those decisions,” said Severin.


He noted the importance of carrying out simple self-assessments prior to choosing a particular career or field of study.


“You need to ask yourself questions like: is that what I would like to be doing for the rest of my life? Would I be comfortable going to that job everyday? Do I like to work with people? Do I like to be independent? Do I want to be directed or be the person giving the directives? Can I start my career right out from college? How much time is required? You have to interrogate yourself in that way and ponder it and of course, I always say to the Christian community, you have to pray as well about it,” said Severin.

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