Eezee Pharmacy Burglary

One business owner is calling on the public’s cooperation, in bringing the perpetrator or perpetrators that burglarized his business, to justice, to be dealt with by the law.

Owner of Eezzee Pharmacy located on Independence Street, Mr. Israel Fontaine says that it was rather unfortunate when he received the news that his business was burglarized, on Monday July 9th.

Mr. Fontaine says at about 6:30am on Monday he received a call from a strange number asking him if he was the owner of Eezee Pharmacy, and when he replied yes, he was told that his store was burglarized and he needs to come to town quickly, so he got dressed and left home.

Mr. Fontaine pointed out that in taking stock they realized the thieves got away with many items, of which included; deodorants, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, shampoo and condition amongst others.

He added that this burglary is a major loss to him.

The business owner added that, although he never would imagine his business being burglarized, seeing it is in the center of Roseau on a busy street, he believes this was done to sell the items to buy drugs.

He is appealing to the public that, anyone who is approached by any individual to buy any of the stolen products, should contact the police immediately.

He added that the police told him that their patrol unit passed in front of the business just about 3:00 am in the morning and the business was secure,
He said although they are still taking stock of the stolen items, he believes the loss is in the region of a few thousands of dollars.

Through not disclosing the plan, he said that he will put more security

Mr. Fontaine went on to say he hopes the authorities will work swiftly in capturing whoever is responsible for th

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