Eggleston Heritage Festival Kicks Off


Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence

The first ever anticipated Eggleston Heritage Festival, on Saturday August 3rd, kicked off with a tremendous amount of excitement and a large crowd with unique presentations; under the theme; “Celebrating, Uniting and Achieving”.

Individuals had the opportunity to see animals including twin parrots, donkeys and crabs, as well as creole wears, handmade arts and crafts and wild creatures including snakes amongst others.

Coordinator of the Eggleston Heritage Festival, Ms. Shirley Alexander, was extremely thrilled at the turn out, and is certain, that the committee’s hard work over the last month, did not go to waste.


Honourable Ambrose George, Parliamentary Representative for Roseau South Constituency

The Festival, which formed part of their Emancipation Celebration 2013, highlighted the village’s potential and many attributes.

The villagers hope that this celebration will develop internationally.

In regards to the flower show held in Giraudel earlier this year, Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence, said this may be the only community celebrating two major events in one year, and this certainly a huge achievement for the twin communities.


One of the wild animals exhibited: Snake

Honourable Ambrose George, Parliamentary Representative for Roseau South Constituency, reminded the public, that although Eggleston was the village to spearhead the project and process, individuals from Giraudel also contributed.    

Acknowledgement goes out to those who contributed to the Festival.

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