Eight charged for staging a UWP protest

Just on Wednesday, February 2nd, we asked the question: who are the persons charged for holding a UWP protest in Roseau on November 29th, 2010?


The answer: eight UWP members have been formally charged for not complying with the public order act.


According to reports, Opposition Leader, Hector John, UWP leader Ron Green, Deputy Leader Claudius Sanford, UWP President Edison James, Ezekiel Bazil, Norris Charles, Ronnie Isidore and Danny Lugay have been charged for breaking the public order act and is expected to appear at court on June 6th, when the matter will be heard.


According to section three of the public order act, ‘it shall be unlawful for any public procession to take place unless a permit has been issued in respect thereof in accordance with this act.’


The men were charged following a protest held on November 29th, after they walked out of parliament claiming that the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Honorable Alix Boyd Knights unlawfully removed five out of eight of their questions on the order paper.


If found guilty, the eight can be fined up $10,000.00 or imprisonment for six months.

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