Electoral Office Need Mechanisms to Adequately Manage Voters List

footage (3)Although members of the Opposition United Workers Party and other member of the public have been actively advocating for the cleanup of the Voters Identification list, for fair and free elections, Acting Chief Elections Officer, Ms. Anita Rodney says, the Electoral Office does not have the mechanisms to effectively address this issue.

Chapter 2:03, Section 7 of the Regulation of Electors Act, which governs the conduct of elections in Dominica, clearly states: ‘A person registered to this Part shall remain registered unless and until, his name is deleted from the register, because he has died; an objection to his registration has been allowed; he has been absent from Dominica for a period exceeding five years; and he has become disqualified for registration as an elector under this Act, or any other written law imposing disqualifications for registration as an elector.’

Ms. Rodney noted, this can only be achieved when the various record keeping systems in Dominica are integrated – this includes but are not limited to; the Customs Department, the Immigration Department and the Dominica Air and Sea Port Authority with the support of the Electoral Office.footage (1)

To be an eligible voter you must be registered on the electors list and you must be a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica, 18 and above and must be resident in the community that you are voting in.

Therefore, anyone who has relocated, need to ensure they contact their local District officer, to ensure their name is on the voting list for their new location.

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