Electrical problems Suspected as Cause in Loubiere House Fire

Fire officers at scene of fire

Fire officers at scene of fire

Electrical problems might be the cause of a fire in the community of Loubiere on Monday June 16th which destroyed two homes and damaged three others according to the Fire Services Public Relations Officer, Wayne Letang.

Letang stated, when fire officers arrived at the scene, they observed a wooden house fully ablaze and immediately began firefighting.

“We can report that the house from where the fire originated was occupied by Celene Bruney along with her boyfriend and three children – that building was totally destroyed, and information also revealed that she and the children were in the building at the time of the fire, and was alerted by her children who suspect it originated from the electrical meter area,” Letang explained.

One other family lost their home and its contents as a result of the fire – Sandra Mitchel and her son David Benjamin.

Benjamin who spoke to SAT TV following the fire says, he is devastated by the loss.

According to the Fire Services P.R.O, a Daycare was one of the buildings damaged by the fire.

Fire officers at scene of fire

Fire officers at scene of fire

Reports are that, the Daycare owner and bystanders scrambled to evacuate the children from the building to a place of safety.

Wayne Letang stated, two families are now homeless as a result of the fire, however no one was injured.

Investigations into the cause and cost of the fire continue.

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