Elektra Ready for Calypso Finals


Sherian “Elektra” Letang.

A performer from other genres, who has decided to take on the Calypso arena, is the best way to describe newcomer to Calypso, Sherian “Elektra” Letang.

Mrs. Letang pointed out, that she wanted to enter the Calypso field with a meaningful name, thus the choice for Elektra which translates to a shining gem that best describes her.

Mrs. Letang who did not make it past the Calypso Semi-finals Competition, says, she was very disappointed with the outcome, as she was confident that she would have made it after delivering such a strong performance.

However, following Calypsonian Hunter dropping out from the Calypso Finals.

Elektra who was the next Calypsonian with the most points was selected to continue to the finals.

As she was given such short notice, Elektra said she immediately started to prepare for the competition.

She says she saw it as a challenge, as she loves working under pressure which drives her, rather than an unfair disadvantage.

On the night of the competition, despite being the only female, she mentioned she will do her best to bring the message in her “A Woman’s Worth” across and  make her fans and family proud.

Being a newcomer competing in a male dominated competition, Elektra revealed that she feels honoured to perform among such veterans.

She was inspired during her early years by Calypsonians such as, The Hurricane, Hunter, and De Brakes, to try to emulate them in her performances.

Eventful is the most suitable word she stated best describes her calypso career thus far.

She stated a healthy body is important to delivering an energetic performance and she practices at every moment available.

Elektra said she gets nervous before stepping on stage to perform.

She went on to say that her second song, “I Have a Dream” is not a seasonal song but one that can be played throughout the year.

She added, she is very thankful to all of her fans and supporters who supported her from day one, and those who gravitated to her as time goes by.

After her performance at the Calypso Finals she stated, women will certainly feel that they were represented.


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