Emergency Personnel Complete 2 Week Emergency Training Workshop


Chief Medical Officer, Doctor David Johnson

A total of 54 emergency personnel recently completed a two week training workshop, on mass casualty management and emergency care and treatment training.

During this training, the participants were taught vital skills for accessing and caring for patients at the scene of an accident or catastrophe.

This was important said Chief Medical Officer, Doctor David Johnson, as there is a need to strengthen our response and preparedness to deal with mass casualties and emergencies.

However, the course instructor, Mr. Peter Burgess who is an emergency response expert in pointing out several weaknesses in Dominica’s response to emergencies, advised the participants that, they need to have protocols for their emergency response.

“There needs to be much better dialogue between the nurses and staff at hospitals and the emergency personnel from the Fire Department, as there needs to be a multi-sectorial approach for emergencies at all times. ”

He advised the participants to work on improving the way patients are handed over, between the hospital staff, and the emergency personnel staff responding to the incident.

In adding to that, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) representative, Ms. Shirley Augustine noted, emphasis should be placed on documentation and emergency responders should document the condition in which they received the patient and the patient’s condition when they are delivered.

“This training will significantly improve the need for improvement in the care received by patients, when they are being transported from the scene of the accident to the hospital.”

She added, as service providers and first responders, they also have a duty to protect themselves with the necessary documentation when dealing with patients.

Ms. Augustine went on to say, it is her hope that the positive impacts of this workshop will be demonstrated every day that the emergency personnel are on duty.

Take a look at some of the participants receiving their certificates of participation following the workshop.

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