Emergency Response time in Dominica is being questioned


Time, what would you classify as adequate to respond to an emergency situation?


Members of the Dominican public are questioning whether emergency response teams on the island, which include police response, fire fighting services and emergency medical services or ambulance services, are adequately trained to handle emergency situations.


One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that she dialed the 999 emergency number to request ambulance assistance during an emergency where she was bleeding profusely and she was told that there were no vehicles available.


On numerous other occasions, persons have complained that the have been placed on hold by the emergency response team or that they were hung up on while they were requesting emergency assistance.


Is it benevolent for someone who is attempting to remain calm or remain conscious during and emergency situation to be subjected to rhetorical questioning or even to be totally disregarded?


According to Mr Philbert Samuel, PRO of the Dominica Fire Services, fire fighters in Dominica are trained to respond to emergency situations promptly upon receiving an emergency call.


Mr Samuel made mention that there are situations where respond time may be hindered.


In the event that an emergency situation may occur, the general public is being asked to contact the police department directly.



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