Employees from Fire Department Benefit from Program in Leadership and Management


Participants of the Leadership Management Program

Although the curtains have been closed on the three day program, in Leadership and Management, the employees of the Fire Department can say they have gained a wealth of knowledge that will be beneficial to them in the workplace and their daily lives.

The Chief Fire Officer, Mr. Josiah Dupuis said, he believes that throughout the three days the participants were exposed to a considerable amount of information which helped them to develop as individuals.

He stated, the program was to assist officers to make the transition from entry level to supervisory level.

Mr. Dupuis said, he hoped the officers saw themselves as an agent of change in their respective units.

He said he is certain that they will have a better fire service if they opened up to the changes discussed in the leadership program.

A representative from the Ministry of National Security gave support to the facilitators of the program.

He said one of the features that the Ministry have are facilitators that can provide training among each other.


Participants of the Management Leadership Program

The representative said too often training is viewed as a day off from work, however if we do not apply the knowledge learnt it is a waste of time.

He said he was heartened by some of the activities he saw on the program.

He made mention that too often public servants view their jobs in an abstract way; however they need to recognize their weaknesses and improve on it in the workplace.


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