Entrepreneurial Intentions and Workforce Readiness


Executive Director of Junior Achievement Dominica, Mrs. Natasha Yeeloy-Labad

A survey, observing at the entrepreneurial intentions of high school students, in addition to their workforce-ready skills, has been completed according to Executive Director of Junior Achievement Dominica, Mrs. Natasha Yeeloy-Labad.

In an exclusive interview with SAT News, Mrs. Labad noted, 150 students from 7 different schools took the survey. Many were 4th formers transitioning to 5th form level.

According to the survey the intentions of high school students owning a small business is high at 72%.

When the data was analyzed between female and male students, 61% of female participants stated they would like to start a business, compared to 79% of males, highlighting a gap between the two.

Mrs. Labad noted, this may be so as most people who would like to start a small business most times, have a parent in the sector or they are male.

73% of students noted they were aware of the concepts of small business and entrepreneurship and had a basic idea of how to put a business plan together highlighting the importance of Organizations including Junior Achievers Dominica, the Youth Development Division, the Dominica Youth Business Trust and the National Development Foundation of Dominica.

After carefully reviewing the data it revealed 79% of male say they would like to be leaders but only 49% are actually actively involved in the community.

According to Mrs. Labad, the male students are not fully taking advantage of the opportunities currently available to them to practice leadership skills.

The survey also highlighted the importance of economic and entrepreneurial education for students.

Mrs. Labad noted, students should be open to opportunities to interact with the private sector and be mentored on small businesses operations.

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