Environmental Factors to Be Considered in Geothermal Exploration/Production in Dominica

10334253_795459773806300_4499493351877643018_nThe island of Dominica has nine active volcanoes with the South being the most active part of the island. This includes the Wotten Waven area, one of the sites due for geothermal exploration.

Several surface manifestations such as hot springs, fumaroles, and eruption type craters are mainly concentrated in two locations: The Wotten Waven village and the Boiling Lake – Valley of Desolation.

The areas are characterized by several bubbling pools and fumaroles of up to 99⁰C.

As part of its continuing effort to expand understanding of the issues associated with geothermal energy and exploration, the Geothermal Awareness Group (GAG) has arranged for an education field trip to one of the areas of the geothermal field which is exhibiting possible signs of the impact of drilling operations over the past several months.

Farmers, hikers and tour guides have reported areas of land collapse and signs of even more extensive future events as suggested by extended cracks in the surface area around Morne Watt.

The first such field education exercise leaves from the Morne Prosper Primary School at 7am on Sunday 11th May and will be guided by well-informed persons from the GAG.

Persons interested in understanding the phenomena associated with exploration drilling for geothermal are invited to join the exercise.

Additional guides from GAG will be available at 11 a.m. for a second and possibly, a third departure.

A donation of EC$10.00, is requested on arrival at the Morne Prosper Primary School.


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