Environmental Officers Speak on Dengue Management

The thought of dengue is seemingly lurking in our midst once again.

There have been a few documented cases recently but Mrs. Calma Louis, an Environmental Health Officer, says some of this might be due to the way in which people keep their surroundings.

The Environment Health Unit knows that Dominicans need to store water for various reasons, but they are saying that we should not be promiscuous in our attitudes but adopt the safe and right way to do it.

The water collection containers should be covered at all times, if left uncovered it becomes a breeding ground for the mosquitos.

In cases where you cannot keep the containers covered, Ms. George says you should use the water as soon as possible.

The Environmental Health Unit wants the public to be vigilant in looking out for the signs and symptoms of dengue fever.

Some of the symptoms are an extremely high temperature, and joint pains.

The rash will appear like measles all over the body. You will also be weak and fatigued.

 Because Dengue fever is a viral infection it is similar to that of the common cold.

The Environmental Officers say that the main distinction is the pain at the back of your eye.

Currently the neighbouring French Islands have over 30 cases of the viral infection.

With the World Creole Music Festival approaching, people coming into the Island from these countries will be screened, and if they show any signs or symptoms they will be isolated and brought for treatment.


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