Erica Joseph addresses youth issues

With the increasing concern for youth and behavioral problems, Erica Joseph says that this is an opportune time for guidance in the youth and offers a training session with high school students on March 3rd.


The training session will take place on march 3rd and will focus on teaching young persons skills in persistence and perseverance that will help in achieving goals and becoming successful.


This training session is one of many that dr. Joseph has held in addition to hosting several motivational speeches with other young persons.


Her passion she says is motivational speaking and believes that she can make a positive impact with the youth and help in molding them into model citizens.


She advises Dominicans to unite as a people and take responsibility for the upbringing of its youth.


Teachers she says plays an important role in a student’s life and therefore parents and teachers need to work together to raise the young people of Dominica.


Students of the third to fourth form are invited to register and participate in the training session at the C.S.A center.

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