Experts Assess Citrus Greening in Dominica

Entomologist, Dr. Eric Rohrig

Dominica is better able to control the spread of the Citrus Greening Disease after a week of analysis done by experts from Florida.

The insect and the disease are said to be very low on the Island and this is good for Dominica, according to Entomologist, Dr. Eric Rohrig.

He says there is a good possibility that they could eradicate the disease.

He advises the Ministry of Agriculture to put in place regulations to stop the insect from entering the commercial groves in Dominica, and this would further help keep the disease under control.

Because the disease cannot be cultured on artificial media, it is difficult to determine the pathogen without DNA analysis.

Dr. Xiaoan Sun, Plant Pathologist, says the Plant Protection Unit would need an upgrade in its diagnostics tools which is Real Time PCR.

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