Export Agency Select Core Farmers To Supply The UK With Bananas

" style=Mr. Amos Wilcher, Coordinator of the National Fair Trade Organization and Farmer, voiced his concern about the status of the Banana Industry in Dominica.

The quality of our bananas has been of concern to Winfresh, which is an Export Agency responsible for exporting our bananas to the United Kingdom.

However the agency has taken measures in order to alleviate the inconsistence they are faced with when exporting bananas out of Dominica.

Mr. Wilcher, stated that the core farmers, selected by Winfresh will receive thirty – one dollars for a box of bananas.

The farmers that are selling conventional bananas and did not qualify according to Winfresh will only receive twenty one dollars.

Mr. Wilcher said that regardless of the export agency choosing its core farmers, he is living in hope that more farmers will eventually realize the importance of becoming core farmers.

He said that the returns from this new implementation will not be very beneficial for Dominica’s economy or the Banana Industry.

He had this to say on some of the requirements from Winfresh.

He was concerned that farmers will not be able to meet the demands of production on their own. However he went on further to say that if the banana is not highly subsidized by that period they will need support to be able to come to fruition.

As a farmer himself, Mr. Wilcher knows that farmers are trying their best and are committed to the industry as well as the organization. He says the UK market is something we should hold on to and protect.




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