Extra Funds Needed for Maintenance of City says Mayor

According to Mayor of the City of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph, the main reason the City floods easily during rainfall, is due to its age, and the technology that was available 50 years ago to build the drains.

Section of Hillsborough Street With Pot Holes

Section of Hillsborough Street With Pot Holes

The City can be considered old he added.

The Mayor recommended that the Central Government, allocate a percentage of the licenses funds from the Inland Revenue Division.

Large Pot Hole in Roseau

Large Pot Hole in Roseau

He pointed out, that if Dominica has 30,000 vehicles, approximately 16,000 commute through the City on a daily basis.

“I would like to see some kind of revenue be given to the Roseau City Council to assist in the rehabilitation of such projects; paying particular attention to the many pot holes that litter the City,” the Mayor added.

This proposed idea will create much better results for the upkeep of the City.

This plan has not been fully discussed with the Central Government he said, however, there we discussions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in addition to numerous Consultants who are in support of the idea.



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