Face of Shabeau official dismiss allegations of theft and fraud

Creative Director and Franchise Holder of the Face of Shabeau, Ms Mikieda Franklin is dismissing accusations, claiming that she received large sums of money from the model search competition held in Dominica last month.


According to a press release issued June 29th, 2010, Ms Franklin is also dismissing allegations saying that artistes and band members who performed at the grand finale on May 15th, did not receive payment for their services.


The release states that the organizers were notified that they had to pay one of the sponsors a sum of $7,750, which was not catered for in their previous budget. The release also added that proceeds received at the door amassed to a mere $4000, leaving the organizers with a deficit of $3000.


It went on to say that as a result of that, some artists were paid while others were willing to receive a reduced amount instead of what was initially agreed upon. According to Ms Franklin, artists who did not receive imbursements are either currently negotiating for a lower amount or they have agreed to receive payment in installments.


Franklin described statements indicating that she received large sums of money and fled the country, as ludicrous. She said that she is now off island dealing with other matters involved in her career and professional business ‘ItsyBitsy Swimwear’. Ms Shivaugn Johnson who won the competition is expected to be featured on the cover the local magazine, and will also travel to fashion shows throughout the Caribbean and South America.


In the regional competition a model contract with an international model agency was captured by the Cayman Islands.

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